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An Italian story since 1963

An Italian story that began in 1963

Back in 1963, the Folzani family took its place in the Prosciutto di Parma history with the birth of “GRECI & FOLZANI”.

Its plant is located in Felino, in the foothills of the Apennines around Parma, the home of the tradition of the most famous prosciutto in Italy, Prosciutto di Parma.

The region’s rolling countryside is laced with rivers that swell with the seasons and, originating high in the mountains near the sea, bathe the area in light winds and gentle breezes.

A microclimate all its own that is ideal for the slow curing of salted pork hams following the traditions handed down over the centuries in local farming families.

And so, our family passed on from generation-to-generation the priceless legacy of how to make prosciutto, but with a special aspect that sets us apart: a masterful balance between tradition and innovation, an ideal combination which now, 50 years later, can still be found in the celebrated “Greci & Folzani” brand.

Over the years, through a policy of on-going investment, the plant has continued to be modernized and now covers a surface area of 7000 m2 with state-of-the-art plant and equipment, the goal being to preserve and, at the same time, enhance the traditional production process.

We produce prosciutti of the highest quality, a choice that has been repaid by the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. And this is, in fact, the goal of all we do.

Through the years, we have focused our business strategy on the needs of foreign markets as part of a sound commitment that allows us to be ever-present on the global market. From Europe to the United States, Australia, South America and China, our prosciutto is an example of Made in Italy excellence throughout the world.

It is a journey that continues with all our customers who share with us an absolute respect for the quality and worth of all those involved in our mission each and every day and who contribute to making this a real-life Italian story.

"Quality and Innovation since 1963"