About Us

An Italian story since 1963

Since 1963 our family take his place in the history of Parma Ham, in Felino,typical area of origini and production nearby Taro river, a region that has a special microclimate, ideal for the drying of ham. Fresh air blows across the countryside originating from the nearby coast.

From that time, we hand down generation by generation our unique know how heritage, that distinguishes itself by a perfect equilibrium between innovation and tradition, a pact that is renewed from over 50 years, a “Greci&Folzani Spa” trademark.
In the early eighties, thanks to a strong investment policy, the complete modernization of our plant take place, which now extends over 7000 sqm, with a full range of equipement and high technology, able to preserves and respect a real traditional production process.

We produce only High Quality Hams ever since, a choice awarded by our customers satisfaction, that represent a fundamental point on which we base our identity. During the years, we focused our commercial policy accordingly to foreign markets requirements.
In the name of a natural vocation that helped us to be stably present on global market. From Europe to United States, from Australia to Argentina, till China an Japan, our ham is an example of Made In Italy excellence all over the world.
It’s a Journey that continues with all of our customers, that share with us the absolute respect of quality and the value of all the people involved in our mission everyday, and that make this Italian Story concrete.

"Quality and Innovation since 1963"